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Blog – My Holistic Healing Journey

Comparison is the thief of JOY!


I recently shared these photos in a presentation to highlight my holistic healing journey. I love the comparison because most people will probably focus on the physical dimension of these 2 very different versions of me. But I’m the only one who knows the whole story.

I can see the overwhelming anxiety and trauma I used to live with and remember the ways I used to cope- my addiction to food eventually swapped for fancy vacations.

I can feel the stress of perfectionism and just trying to figure it all out while desperately trying not to let ppl know I had no fuckin clue what I was doing. Ever.

I can see the inflammation and limited range of motion. I can feel the chronic pain.

I remember the shame of still not being able to lose the weight, even though I had been a personal trainer and then became a registered nurse. Shouldn’t I have known what health meant back then?

When I look these side by side- what I see is my strength, my growth- not just physical, but mental and emotional too. The first time I saw this rope- I reverted to my old self-talk and told myself “There’s no way you can do that! Maybe by the end of the summer you could make it up there once if you trained all the time”. Then I stopped and checked myself!

How did I know I couldn’t do it? I hadn’t even tried and I had already given up. And that’s when it clicked. I got up, grabbed the rope and attempted to hoist myself up. It wasn’t pretty at first because there’s some technique involved and I had no fuckin clue what I was doing, but guess what? I tried anyways and I did it! And then I did it again! Then my hubby, who had also never tried it, joined in the fun and we had a great workout, pushing each other to keep going.

There’s so many lessons in my healing journey and these snapshots offer me this- Don’t compare yourself to others, only compare to past versions of yourself to measure your growth. And don’t ever give up on yourself- especially if you haven’t even bothered to try first! 

~ Stay Happy, Healthy, High